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Women’s wristwatch trends this year range from simple minimalism to vintage-style timepieces with large faces and exceptionally sized jewels. Luxury Watches Manufacturers are releasing more multi-color watches, including rainbow themes and those with two-toned sporty-chic elegance. Explore available endless options that are affordable and eye-catching.

Simple Minimalist Watches

Commonly released by Wholesale Watch Manufacturers, also known as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), simple minimalist watches should not be undervalued as they easily pair with any outfit, adding a sense of sophistication for women wearers. Usually, minimalist designs include a watch case (i.e., strap) made of a bracelet mesh or leather. These watches are abundant, and there is no shortage of them in-store or online.

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Big Face Watches

Even simple minimalist watches can give any lady a big face to any occasion. Oversized-faced watches are not going out of style anytime soon as they are a female celebrity favorite! Women can change from dainty and delicate designs to those that are bold and stand out. Big face watches are an esthetically striking option for women these days wanting to be noticed with a fantastic accessory piece. Popular sizes for big face watches are 38-42mm and are as affordable as simple minimalist watches.

Hybrid Smartwatches

High-end Ladies Watch Manufacturers are releasing watches that can easily be paired with women’s handheld or come with applications matching their lifestyle! Instead of Japanese or Swiss movements, women say good-bye to battery replacement as hybrid smartwatches can be chargeable or even solar-powered. These smartwatches are gaining traction in the watch industry and are a great talking piece for women.

Vintage-Inspired Watches

Women can choose to pay homage to past designs as designers are pairing with watchmakers to rejuvenate the antiquity essence of non-contemporary watch styles. However, these retro-styled vintage-inspired watches are upgraded with modern touches from their previous counterparts, such as more prominent faces and bolder tones meant to last longer! No longer will women have to pay extra for a vintage piece when they can get a replica with designer features as watchmakers are rolling-out vintage-inspired watches at a fraction of the cost.

Bejeweled Watches

Iced-out watches are a timeless accessory, especially for ladies who want to glam up for a night out or party — sparkle during holiday events with a flashy timepiece covered in crystals or diamond accents. Emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are becoming more incorporated into bejeweled watches to help women attract attention to their wardrobe pairings. Women should highly consider rose quartz as their next precious stone embedded in their bejeweled watch to portray their confidence as rose quartz signify self-love.

Other Watch Designs

Original design manufacturers (ODMs) are revolutionizing the watch industry by incorporating insane water resistance features. Chronograph dials and multi-functional movements are also becoming newer designer watch features. Women even have the option to work out without worrying about blemishing their timepieces as watches are becoming more stain-resistant to natural elements and accidental occurrences that could potentially damage the watch band or face. No matter the need or type, a women’s watch is undoubtedly on the market for active ladies, businesswomen, or those who simply want to amaze!

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