Elden Ring: The Way to Defeat Tree Sentinel Boss - A Guide to Tree Sentinel Boss

A guide on how to defeat Tree Sentinel Boss in Elden Ring, including its explanation, will help you win the battle with the boss more easily.

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In this article, I will introduce to you how to defeat Tree Sentinel - one of the bosses of the game. Elden Ring was created by FromSoftware and released on February 25, 2022. One of the specifics is the difficulty that causes much criticism. Especially bosses' challenges in the game. There are six main areas in the game. Each area has a powerful boss as the ruler of the area. They are also the main bosses in the game. Fortunately, Tree Sentinel is not one of them.

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Preparing Before the Battle

In most situations, Tree Sentinel is the first boss players will meet in the game. I suggest you avoid him and get away from the other way, do not challenge him until you are ready because he is hard to fight.

This is one of the specifics of the game. You do not have to challenge bosses immediately when you meet them. However, as one of the bosses in the game, giving up the challenge would be a great regret.

To prepare for the challenge of the Tree Sentinel, you need to get yourself more experience and level up by fighting some easier enemies. I also suggest you get some Elden Ring Items like Bewitching Branch, Blood Grease, and so on. It will be helpful to the battle with Tree Sentinel.

Understand Your Enemy

Tree Sentinel is a big knight with a golden color and riding a horse. Although there are many more powerful bosses in the game, Tree Sentinel is hard enough for players to deal with.

Tree Sentinel is very fast and agile and has strong armor. Golden Halberd makes a big-range attack as his weapon. I recommend you use a ranged weapon or a good melee weapon. I do not suggest you rely on magic because Tree Sentinel can reflect your magic with his shield, and you can not reflect back.

Tips for the Battle

Tree Sentinel will rush toward you with his horse and will initiate an attack in this process. His attack has a large area but not too fast. You will have enough time to avoid his attack by riding circles around the boss and using the horse's dodge move. Keep this way until you find your opportunity to attack.

When the time comes, you can ride toward the Tree Sentinel and make one or two attacks, then run away immediately, do not be greedy. It is the most common and serious mistake in Elden Ring.

Using a ranged weapon and attacking the Tree Sentinel is also a good way to defeat him. However, it is not easy to achieve. You need to find a safe place where Tree Sentinel can not reach and flexibly utilize the terrain around. If you use magic to attack him, be careful with his reflective shield, which I have mentioned before.

Apart from these, Spirit Ashes is also helpful to this battle. Your allies summoned by using Spirit Ashes will distract his attention and cause some damage to him. You can also get more opportunities to attack him.

Keep your attack and clear Tree Sentinel's health state bar. You will successfully defeat him. As your reward, you can get 3200 Elden Ring Runes and his Golden Halberd which is not bad. This weapon needs you to have at least 30 in strength, 14 in Dexterity, and 12 in Faith. You can not use it if you are not meet the requirements.

Bosses will not respawn if they have been defeated. Do not miss them.

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