Audio books Add Surprising Value for Authors

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Writing a book is a uniquely personal experience for most authors, and most want to reach a broader audience with their work. Although, as anyone who understands book publicity and sales will tell you, printed copies are still the lion's share of the business. But other formats like eBooks and audiobooks also have potential and should not be overlooked. There is a segment of readers who only consume books in audio form. They can be loyal fans and active book buyers just like all others, and it's why more books than ever are released in audio format; hint - smartphones are helping to power audiobook sales.

Because many authors are the voices of their audiobooks, they contribute to your personal brand; it also gives the project extra credibility. Author branding is an essential and increasingly understood concept. Writing a book is only the start of much broader opportunities for many people. When you become a published author, you're seen as a leading thinker in your field. It's common for people to offer you speaking opportunities or ask that you serve as an expert source, just as you do when speaking to the media. There's considerable personal and business promotion value in becoming better known.

Reading your book for an audiobook also fits well with podcasting, where the audience hears your voice. Both have the same intimacy offered by long-form radio interviews, allowing you to develop a rapport with listeners. It goes beyond what you can achieve with readers and may help you find greater success in the long run. Audio excerpts are an excellent idea for your author's websites. You can include them just as you may a sample chapter of your book in written form. The goal is to offer enough to whet people's appetite to buy your book in whichever form they enjoy most.

Creative publicists also value access to audiobook excerpts for their media kits and pitches. It is beneficial when you match other authors in your genre or go beyond what they offer. TV and radio producers interested in booking you as a guest often appreciate hearing a sample of your voice. Audiobook excerpts are an easy way to familiarize people with your tone of voice, cadence, and speaking style. Earning media coverage for your book project is excellent, but the competition is stiff. Anything you can do to improve your chances is worthwhile, and your audiobook can be helpful.

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