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If you are searching for the best free tool to send large files, we recommend using It is very easy to use, we drag the files to the web browser and once loaded it allows us to enter the recipient's email address so that the link reaches their inbox. We can generate a download link to share it wherever is most convenient for us and it has a section to share it directly.

Sendbig is described as the best way to share files free and securely. Another recommended option with which you will not fail. This service allows us to send files up to a certain GB in size and they will be available for download for a few days. You do not need to register to use it and the operation is really simple. If you are familiar with this type of service you will see its similarities with others on the market. Simply drag the files into web browsers so we can enter the recipient's email address or use a download link.

It has different payment plans that include secure file transfer, file tracking, transfer acceleration, integration on our website, and customization making it an option to consider for professional use. On, we simply have to fill in a series of data if what we want is to opt for the free version: we fill in for whom, whose, the subject, the message we want to send and click on "add files » or «add folder». Finally, we click on “send”.

Access, share and collaborate on files for free:

Sendbig is a platform where users can access, share, and collaborate on files from any location and on any device. As we can well understand, it is a cloud-based platform. This software helps increase productivity and reduces time spent on tasks like updating file versions, controlling security, and searching for files.

We can create folders safely, download and upload files free in the format we prefer, and grant access permissions to specific files. It's perfect for sharing online with coworkers or friends. With a few clicks, we can manage access to files and collaborators can review and correct assets.

It has an intuitive interface and its search and collaboration tools save us time looking for files to download the correct format. In addition, it allows you to track revisions and the evolution of content. Sendbig’s version control makes it easy to see different versions of any file, and we can even download older versions of files for review.

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