‘Escape From Tarkov’ wipe looks imminent as traders slash their prices

‘Escape From Tarkov’ wipe looks imminent as traders slash their prices

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Traders in Escape From Tarkov have drastically dropped the EFT Roubles price of their goods for the game’s latest pre-wipe event, and most items are now available for a handful of roubles.

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Starting today (June 27), every item sold by traders is on sale. Items such as ammo and grenades now cost between one and three roubles, while weapons and armour can be slightly more expensive – though still incredibly cheap compared to their usual price.

As a bonus, all players have been granted loyalty level four with every trader. In combination with the ongoing item sales, this means players can purchase a top-end loadout at almost no cost.

In an announcement for the event, a video posted by developer Battlestate Games (and translated by Twitter user Axel_tv) shares the following:

“Listen chepushila, I nearly got killed the other day. Someone betrayed me. The good thing is that Tagilla is done with that rat. I always knew he is a good fella. Have you seen what’s going on with traders? I bought Tushonka and some water for one rouble. At least I can eat well now.”

The video also teases the upcoming Lighthouse expansion, and claims that the sniper typically guarding the lighthouse has left the area.

This is the latest pre-wipe event for Escape From Tarkov, which looks set to wipe in a matter of days. These events typically become more unbalanced as the wipe draws nearer, which makes sense as Battlestate Games has repeatedly hinted that players can expect the wipe on June 30.

The date was first teased when Obdolbos Cocktail Injectors were Cheap EFT Roubles made extra lethal last week, and appeared once again when every boss in the game took over Customs.

For the latest updates on when Escape From Tarkov will wipe, this article keeps track of every pre-wipe event and hint from Battlestate Games.

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